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Bonds or Fixed-Income Investments

Mutual Funds

Financial Literature of Interest
The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters: 1977-current, Warren Buffett

The Essays of Warren Buffett, Lawrence A. Cunningham

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, Philip A. Fisher

The Art of Speculation, Philip L. Carret

Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist, Roger Lowenstein

A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton G. Malkiel

One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch

The New Contrarian Investment Strategy, David Dreman

Bogle on Mutual Funds, John C. Bogle

Quality of Earnings, Thornton L. O’Glove

Financial Shenanigans, Howard M. Schilit


PDV letter cautioning clients about the speculative market bubble during the tech mania.

There are two highly informative articles at this site:  What Has Worked in Investing and 10 Ways to Beat an Index.    The first article discusses what investment approaches and financial characteristics tend to produce exceptional investment returns.  The second article goes into how nobody, including some of the greatest investors of all time, can produce good investment returns all the time, and therefore cautions against drawing any definitive conclusions about the efficacy of an investment strategy just because it’s going through a frustrating period.  It discusses the fact that some of the greatest investment records in history all went through intermittent tough periods, and how investors who bailed out during these periods would have missed the spectacular wealth accumulation that was generated by these superstar investment professionals over the long run.  We highly recommend these two articles, which are two of our favorite!

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