What Sets PDV Apart

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  • We are not like brokers and don’t earn commissions of any kind, nor will you get any sales pitches from us since we don’t sell any financial products; we are free from all the potential conflicts of interest affecting brokers and brokerage companies. 
  • We don’t take on any clients with a short-term investment time horizon or predisposition, and we are up-front about resisting any client pressure on us to participate in the short-term performance “rat race”; most other investment managers give in to this pressure and paradoxically end up potentially hurting their clients’ financial progress.   
  • We don’t manage clients’ assets according to some market index, and therefore are permitted to do what’s most appropriate for them, as opposed to trying to eliminate “tracking error,” which is what most other investment managers try to do. 
  • We manage money using a value-oriented style, whose success is time-tested and embraced by some of the greatest investors of our time, as opposed to the momentum style of investing that permeates the investment scene today because of the relentless pressure to produce results over the short run.
  • We are willing to look foolish and unconventional in the short run if we are in fact doing something intelligent to benefit our clients and their portfolios in the long run; many other investment managers make it a priority to avoid deviating from the crowd or convention so they can avoid being criticized or embarrassed.
  • We are willing to invest in a way that is different from the vast majority of investors (which by definition constitute the market); as such, by definition, we have an opportunity to produce wealth accumulation for our clients over time that is different and, hopefully, superior to that for the vast majority of other investors (and by definition the market) over time.



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