PDV Services

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  • Provide investment advisory and management services on both a fee and hourly rate basis.
  • Design, implement and monitor investment strategy and tailor investment portfolios based on a client’s unique financial situation, goals, risk tolerance level and investment time horizon; our aim is to offer peace of mind to the client by relieving him or her from the burden of having to worry about how to manage and protect his or her money.
  • Invest in a variety of securities, including individual stocks and fixed-income investments, as well as mutual funds for clients’ benefit.
  • Offer asset allocation and diversification strategies to address investment risk.   
  • Manage fixed-income accounts and shop for price improvement among fixed-income dealers.  
  • Help employees/plan participants manage 401(k) and other company retirement plan assets, by analyzing available investment options and allocating assets among the most appropriate options.   
  • Help clients reduce or eliminate emotion-based investment decisions.
  • Provide consultation and analysis on self-managed investments or assets managed by other investment managers, by helping clients combat and cut through the hype, myths, misinformation and conflicts of interest perpetuated by dishonest and/or incompetent financial advisors.
  • Help clients avoid the potentially harmful effects of trying to accumulate wealth via market timing, by offering a more rational and superior investment framework. 
  • Provide education to clients, their children, grandchildren and other family members regarding financial matters.
  • Manage and invest employer sponsored pension/retirement plans for small businesses or organizations.
  • Provide consultation and analysis on 529 Education Savings Plans.
  • Offer assistance in consolidating accounts to ease administrative burden on clients.




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